Vertigo posters

Three poster designs for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is widely acknowledged as one of the best films ever made, voted first in the British Film Institute’s annual poll of 2012. Vertigo has a distinctive visual aesthetic, a significant component of which was Saul Bass’s design for the famous title sequence and promotional material. The challenge, therefore, in designing posters for Vertigo, is to communicate the stylistic signature of the film, it’s narrative thematic and emotional tone, without producing a pastiche of the film’s preexisting graphics.
inkjet print on satin paper with details in vinyl
inkjet print on satin paper
inkjet print on matte paper
Although I experimented with a different approach for each of the poster designs, I used photographic film stills in all of them. I also based the designs on three elements which are characteristic of the film: the sense of disorientation and imbalance associated with vertigo (the condition the protagonist suffers from), the emerald green colour that acts as a dominant motif throughout, and the film’s noir and romantic associations.

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