3rd place award (Hack the camp 2016)

WALY (Autonomous Water supply) is a Mobile Water Supply Unit for use in refugee camps and other temporary outdoor living units designed by Dimitris Morakis, Eirini Gkeli and Voula Germanakou Kopsini. The idea emerged from the need to create an object that promotes hygiene to people without immediate access to water, offering autonomy, while it helps on preventing gender based violence.

Shared sanitation facilities in refugee camps are usually located away from the tents, making it not only inconvenient for everyone to walk a significant distance for operations that require a small amount of water (like brushing the teeth or washing the hands), but even impossible if there are bad weather conditions and people have to walk under the rain, in the muddy ground just to reach them.

Waly has a broader implementation: It is a useful tool for the homeless, the earthquake victims, social kitchen, mobile assistant units, self-organized living spaces without integrated water units, the campers.
___________________Final Version of Waly___________________
__________________Version 1 and 2 from the design process.__________________
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Waly-Autonomous water supply