The making of the Oak tree
Watercolor project by Daniel Luther 2017
Material used for the project: 
Saunders Waterford 140 ib rough paper
Daniel Smiths watercolors
Step 1. Making a sketch from referens photo 
Step 2. Cover the paper with mostly water and lite color. Reserve the white areas
Step 3. More purple in the foreground 
Step 4. Some splatter in the background
Step 5. Shadows behind the tree
Step 5. Making more trees in the background, but in weak colors. This gives the perspective and depth to the picture!
Step 6. Time for dekorations with a sable-brush
Step 7. More trees in stronger color. 
Step 8. More shadows before making the branches
Step 9. Now at last, coloring the oak tree
Step 10. Repting the process. The paper must be dry for this process 
Step 11. Adding some blue shadows on the snow. Getting some 2 dimensions effects
Step 12. Preparing some snowy effects with Daniels Smiths Titanium white
Step 13. Now have some fun splashing around
Step 14. Even a old used toothbrush is a perfect tool for small rainy dots
Thanks for watching! 
I use different styles in other watercolor projects, but that´s another story :)
Practice a lot is the right approach too see results in your art skills!

Be blessed! Regards Daniel Luther