This is the colorful cast of characters of the Catcat world. CatCats are all about cuteness and expression. Let me be your guide and introduce you to some of the characters
Meet CeCe, a wild CatCat
He will hang out with you in your kitchen.
Get the bunch on a laptop here.
Meet JaJa the CatCat, he is a pirate that will hang out in your kitchen.
Moshi Moshi, CatCats want to talk with you.
CeCe the wild is an animal in the kitchen.
MiMi will turn your dishes in to showstoppers.
CatCats are a bunch of help.
FrankFrank has a fantastic hat, he is your man with the dishes.
Lastly, Lula is your lovely assistant.
Check back often for happenings and head over to Hakone for the language of CatCat