A little M. C. Escher inspired self-portrait project I've been working on in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop... I wasn't happy with any of the results of the photoshop 'peel' tutorials I found online so I decided to create this vector peel in Illustrator to get the desired effect.

The original inspiration came from the 'Bond of Union' print (1956) by M.C. Escher which hangs above our bed as a completed jigsaw. It was framed and gifted to us as a wedding present by my brother-in-law Chris.

When he originally put the puzzle together, he got to the end and discovered he was missing a piece. He contacted the company that made the puzzle but they informed him that each puzzle was cut differently so he couldn't simply obtain the missing piece. Instead, he bought another copy of the puzzle and started all over again!
I decided to use a clear ink on the bubbles at the time of print. This required me to set up the file in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign with a 'clear' spot colour. The result added 'pop' to the bubbles (pun intended).
I used two royalty-free stock images for the background, which includes the bokeh and the clouds. The bubbles were created using the lens flare tool and effect filters in Photoshop. The peel was created by me as a vector in Adobe Illustrator. The butterflies were photographed by me at the Cairns Botanical Gardens and the original portrait was shot by Dave, a teacher in the photography department at CIT where I am in my first year of Graphic Design.
This surrealist self-portrait depicts my ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression as a woman with Asperger's and the mother of two children with complex special needs. I have recently found myself through my studies in Graphic Design and by engaging in a broad range of creative practices. This has had a significant positive impact on my mental health. I am an advocate for art therapy and the use of creative practices to support and improve mental health and wellbeing.