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Much like explorers in the old days, who were looking for new lands and new frontiers at the horizon, creators today are the driving force that brings the biggest changes to our lives. Seeking inspiration can be difficult in a confined office environment, so we created a tool to bring a sense of exploration and playfulness to creative process. All ideas are connected to our environment and personal experience. This ruler literally allows the person to look at the surroundings as if an explorer looking through the monocular and see a very narrow and focused image of common objects, while at the same time reflecting this image multiple times to create unexpected patterns.

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The ruler is a simple 1cm x 1cm extruded aluminium profile. Matte finish on the outside provides enough contrast for slight engravings to be visible and glossy surface on the inside creates kaleidoscopic effect by reflecting a square image multiple times. No moving parts, no glass, just a single piece of metal with precise markings to become a tool for both: looking for ideas and turning them into reality.

Square ruler is also easier to pick up than a flat one and feels like a more substantial three-dimensional object on your desk.
Designed by Lukas Avenas. Prototype produced together with Ernestas Titas. Machinery provided by “Incharger” 
Creative explorer