Some works made before 2009
I work as graphic designer. I've just picked few examples from various fields of graphic design. So here we have projects made for web, print, LCD projections, some illustrations, photo-manipulation, mostly commercial, Enjoy!
Canon minisite for Summer Campaign of few products...
NFS - Mini Site
Carlsberg - Online custom player skin (For Eurozet)
Antyradio - various scope of works
Various small websites & banners
Logotype, Logo
Photomanipulation (this illustration was used in campaign of adv of agency I've worked with, dont ask me bout claim ;) we've used)
Hande made drawings (no tablet this time, just me pencil and piece of paper, only first one (with Capone), was drawn with fineliner 0.1 mm and marker for deep blacks)
Old layouts made for Eurozet
Banner ChilliZET
Stand - 3D
Stand - Maya 3D Render