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    Taipei City poster
Taipei City Poster
Poster design for Taipei City
Taipei City Poster, Sjors Tomlow Illustration was invited to join the 3rd Annual Digital Contest Competition for the city of Taipei in Taiwan.
I often use a 3-Dimensional technique in my work to create a sense of depth and to provide my work with a certain modern and abstract quality. This style connects with current times and a generation of artists that are brought up by computer games and the internet. The low-fi polygon style is reminiscent of early 3D computer games and visuals from the 80's and 90's, but can also remind us of Cubism, abstract painting or folded paper crafts.

In this Taipei City poster I used this 3D technique to make a solid architectural background for the drawing that could communicate traditional imagery of Taiwan such as: festivals, painted characters, lamps, crafts and dragons. In the back you can see colourful buildings that reach for the sky and beyond the clouds, symbolizing the city of Taipei. In the foreground a painted warrior leads the festival and rides a cloud like the main characters of myths like Journey to the west. This character represents a narrator or host for the visual. He can guide the audience and also be a mascot or protector of the city of Taipei.

With this design I wanted to make a positive and uplifting image for the city of Taipei. A colourful image that tickles the imagination with a cool character that serves as a mascot for the city.
Line Art for the animal warrior.
Painting proces, detail.