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    My A2 exam prep
This is my exam prep, here I will be tryin to complete my exam prep work which consists of the same colour pictures and Lassco.
The same coloured images would be interesting and wouldmatch the idea of passions and obsessions because you are obsessing with thesame colour. Lassco photos would also match the idea of passions because mostpeople are passionate about something, with Lasscos, they are passionate aboutcollecting. I think that both images in each idea are successful but can stillbe improved.
In this picture you can see the bright red pencils andbackground the same colour links with my idea but it works well because thecolours are bright and lively.
Written analysis

Here we have a picture which includes a range of differentcoloured pencils. Although this has different colours it still relates becauseit includes pencils. I think that this picture is interesting because it hasdifferent coloured pencils; this is interesting because you don’t always haveto rely on one colour for your painting or drawing. It also includes a line ina ‘z’ this makes you look closer to see what else the picture is showing. Theyused a studio to take this picture. I think that this was a good idea becausethe colour of the pencils would be dark and maybe blurry if it wasn’t taken ina studio using the bright lights. I think that this would be appropriate for acampaign to sell coloured pencils because it’s very creative. I like thispicture but it can be improved, I think that if you added a background to thispicture you would be more drawn to the photograph, although the items in thepicture may become less focused you would increase the eye catching effect thatyou want to create in photography. Also if this artist used different angels tocreate a more interesting photo, if he used it from a different angel it wouldbe more interesting. Overall I think that this is a creative image but needs tobe improved.
Having this in black and white works well because I thinkthat having too much colour in one project create a boring effect and will notincrease the views on my work.
Lassco photographs
Including the radiators in this picture at this middle angleworks well because you can see the shine this makes it better when editing thecontrast as you can add more detail. Having this black background is differentbecause the other pictures have a random background from Lasscos.
I think that having the pictures of the silver shells fromthis angel looks good because you are in line with the shells and looking uptowards the ceiling creates a more interesting photograph.


In the beginning I started by thinking of a theme for myproject, by thinking of a theme first you will therefore get ideas for eachpart of your project. Otherwise, you will get confused maybe halfway throughthe photographs and spend time thinking of what to do next this wastes time andis very inefficient.  After the theme, Ithought of the same colour idea, this would be very useful and easy as I hadalready got objects that matched.

As the theme of passions and obsessions was the overallfocus. Visiting a place called Lasscos would be extremely helpful. I struggledat first to gain valuable ideas from this place. Lasscos sell old vintage itemssuch as furniture etc for your garden or house. As it has many of the sameobjects and most of the rooms are very compact with objects, therefore,passions and obsessions would be displayed well throughout Lasscos. Although itwasn’t my theme of same colour, using this place was increasingly helpfulbecause it would further improve my idea. I think that my pictures were of agood standard but I thought that using different angles would be more creative,if I had retaken this part I think that my project would be better.

I then went on to studio photographs; this is where I wentinto the white studio and using my idea of same colour that relates to passionsand obsessions I took pictures of object with the same colour and have thebackground as the same colour too. I think that this worked well because I tookmany close ups and had different angels and contrast. I think that to improvethis part I would have to take more pictures of different objects. Havingcoloured pencils was a good initial idea but I think that I needed to improvemy work but having a range of same coloured objects, maybe more interestingones.

Before the exam I used different experiments to decide whatto do in the exam. I think that these pictures were ok but I struggled tocomplete this in time for the exam, so I had only a few to decide what to do inthe exam,  I think that this was stillhelpful but I wished that I had done better work to prepare myself for thisexam. In the exam I used different ideas with the pictures and the quality ofthese were good. I think that I completed the task set to me quite good andfound this easy to complete.

With the exam prep I found that I didn’t use my timecorrectly to get the best out of my work, although I thought my work was of agood standard, it just lacked in quantity. With more time I think that I wouldhave improved my work to a better quality. 

Here is my Experiments