Ozma Social Club

The Ozma Social Club is site for older members of the LGBT community.  

The name is a reference from The Road To Oz (1909) which has a line "You have some queer friends, Dorothy". Due to the prejudices in mainstream society "friend of Dorothy" became a term within the gay community for a gay man dating back to at least World War 2.

The name hides the site's true nature as many of it's intended audience may be accessing a computer in public such as at a library or care home where they not be 'out'.
The site's Founder wanted an Art Deco logo so I started researching the art style's use of lines, gold and symmetry followed by sketches and a font study.
My first concept adds an Art Deco keystone/lintel reminiscent of Mayan structures to type set in the font Copasetic.
My second concept pursues the Egyptian influence on Art Deco.
For the next concept I started with the font Rennie Macintosh and adapted it a little. While developing this concept the founder said he needed the logo to work in a 300x50px space on the site. Being small and potentially for a user with failing sight the logo would need to have bigger type compared to the overall space available.
In order for the logo to work at a small size and across multiple devices the linework had to made bolder.