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    The project was undertaken during my association with Synapse Information Design Agency, Goa.
  * A peek into communication crafted for change. All the work showcased here was undertaken during my association with Synapse, an information design agency based out of Goa.
Visual designed for a volunteer based initiative by CRY • Electronic Direct Mailer Header
—Online Fundraising Campaign—
• FULL— Fight Undernourishment Little by Little •
—Online Fundraising Campaign | 18,000 children • 45 days • INR 1 crore—
FULL Campaign was followed by the success of 'Stay in School' campaign. The cause addressed malnutrition— dominant in India. It's scientific implications were woven into edible stories and called the nation to donate for children. The campaign raised beyond a crore and supported CRY's cause. 
• CRY Narrative •
'Parivartan ka Pahiya'
 A vernacular translation for 'Wheels of Change'—'Parivartan ka Pahiya' is a concept to narrate CRY's success stories. The NGO, working in remote areas of the country tackles location specific issues— difficult to generalize in an overview. Hence, 'Parivartan ka Pahiya' or Wheels of Change that travels with CRY, narrates region specific stories— describing the catalyst of change.
Above: Snapshot from the concept pitch, explaining 'Parivartan ka Pahiya' • In this case a community kitchen sorted caste discrimination and brought kids together • Scripted in Hindi
Visual Design: Arun Mota • Sub-titles: Revati Upadhyay • Concept and Script: Sheel Damani
Annual update mailer summarizes CRY's work and the change made across the country. The mailer goes to a massive donor-base. Keeping in mind the cost of production— the design is in two colour, black & yellow with a separate four-colour cover. We used the yellow accent to our advantage here.
• Story of Change, Shared with Donors •
—Photoessay and Direct Mailer—
Showcased below is a glimpse of a CRY case study of disabled children in West Bengal, India. For the direct mailer sent to donors, we added a poster to the format. A token of thanks for their support and could be displayed to spread the word.  
—An education initiative for Blind Children—
CRY organized a photography workshop for blind children. The workshop closed with an exhibit to display the work done by children to increase awareness about education for the blind. Showcased below is a glimpse of  the collateral designed for it.
Above Left: One of the display panels speaking of the workshop faculty and his work with blind children.
Right: Invite EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) for the exhibit shared with CRY database.
• Street Theatre Festival •
—Bal Natya Utsav (BNU)—
 BNU is an annual CRY festival for urban children to perform and spread awareness about the state of rural India. Each year a particular subject is the prime focus; education being so for 2011. A concept around 'masti ki paathshaala' or 'Fun at School' was coined to communicate the theme. The illustration collage cut-outs are taken from CRY child art paintings collected over the years. 
Above: Header of the invite EDM, other collateral were whipped around the same lines.
• DIY Message Kites | CRY Daughter's Day Special • 
 An event was organized by CRY in partnership with Archies (Gifting solutions brand) to celebrate daughters' day, in Delhi. Women and girls from the city were invited to share stories of their achievement in the community/society. They left a message for girls and daughters on a kite, resonating to the theme of 'let her fly'.
• Pinning Pinwheels •
As part of giveaways during events, these badges were designed using CRY child art paintings. Pinwheel being one of the symbols, CRY's brand has associated with for a long time— they were used on the badges as well.
• From the Drawing Board •
CRY is an NGO headquartered in India, based in US and UK as well. For more information you can visit them here.