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    2011 Chrysler brand launch poster
2011 Chrysler Brand Premiere Tour
This poster was created for the re-launch of the Chrysler brand in 2011. The concept was a movie premier featuring Chrysler brands rather than movie stars. The early development of this project went through several transformations from an LA street scene to a desert environment, and several other concepts until the client settled on the vintage a night time cityscape with a 1940s feel.
The completed image dis not reveal the new Chrysler 200. The product was placed under a sheet which had to be created digitally and fitted to the car.
This was a rough comp created to visualize an alternate concept before the client chose a city environment.the 200 has no shadow and the image is designed to create the mood without rendering a full scale illustration.
This is the earliest form of the illustration. The buildings are much more prominent and the 200 is actually shown without a covering.
The agency wanted the cars too be more important, so the buildings were toned back and the spotlights were made to fade into darkness behind the ARRIVE lettering.
Final Art