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Take your teens to the Caribbean!
One of the world leaders among companies for teen adventures ARCC has offered a new way of travelling to the Caribbean. This travelling gives participants a unique opportunity to go to one of the most popular and exotic place and take part in various adventure sports.

And this is not only about ordinary teen travel camp and beach vacation. The experience is going to be much more interesting. Being dived into culture, history and nature, teens will study outdoors how to become a leader, develop teamwork skills that are core to every offer of ARCC Company.

Gorgeous start of the travelling from Cinnamon Bay (doesn’t it sound tasty?) of Virgin Islands, the US. The beauty of St. John’s Island is unspeakable with its national park, tropical fish rainbow colors and hidden bays.

A teen travel camp is located close to the water. Spending time there students will be taught to dive and get certification of their scuba-skills. The entertainments also include swimming among corals and tropical fish, hiking around island, learning new things of ancient writings on the rocks, accompanying a famous archaeologist to a digging site. It is very much encouraged and supported when a student starts working on a community service project.

A new home of teens for the next six days is the ocean, because teens spend their time sailing on a sailboat from island to island. The perspectives are amazing! Watching dolphins, leisure swimming in deserted coves, watching bright-colored sunset aboard – don’t you think it’s worth going there? More options here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/5904a9f5e4b03b105b44b8e9

Virgin Islands is a homeplace for teens soul. Sweet mangoes, forests of subtropical pristine wilderness, calypso music… Your child will study this island, explore it, travel around it, dive into it, taste it and find out about its treasured past.

Charlotte Amalie city tour, castle of Blackbeard and feast of pirates are the final adventures for the program participants. Students will have an opportunity to see the island from inside out. The will explore and get experience about Caribbean like nobody has ever done. Because it’s not about ordinary adventure for teenagers. It’s a piece of personal story of each of them.