Mental Health Awareness Campaign.
This project was a awareness campaign for mental health care. The service butterflies and blues is a fictitious service that helps distressed Individuals to cope with anxiety and overcome depression. Continue to read the creative idea for the campaign. 
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Recognition in Cag 2017:
This Project was recognised by the Communication Arts guild and awarded
Cag Copywriter of the year - Bronze
Cag Art Director of the year - Silver
Young Cag of the year 

Recognition in Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art , Year 2016-17 :
Government First Prize - Gold
Student of the Year
Best in Conceptualization

Recognition in Hexcode2017 Showcase by Indiefolio 2017-18-
Content Writer of the year 2017
Creator of the year 2017

Poetry has been recomposed to talk about symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. Here's why?
Poem based on Ring-a-Ring-a Roses, recomposed to talk about symptoms of Agoraphobia, a kind social anxiety disorder.
Poem based on Baa baa black sheep, recomposed to talk about Insomnia, a symptom of depression.
Poem based on Johnny Johnny, recomposed to talk about the stigma attached to mental health care.
The poem  featured in a magazine article.
Poem based on One -Two , Buckle my shoes, recomposed to talk about symptoms of depression.
Poem based on Mary had a little lamb, recomposed to talk about the hopelessness and negativity faced by a person due to depression.
Press -Ad
Poem based on Jack and Jill , recomposed to talk about eating disorder , a symptom of depression.
Poem based on Old Mc Donald, recomposed to talk about self loathing a symptom of depression and anxiety disorders
Poem based on Tinkle Tinkle, recomposed to talk about irrational fears a common symptom of anxiety disorder.
A Diary, form of media, to help store thoughts and write daily ,for coping  with anxiety disorders and overcome depressive thoughts.
Self - Awareness Diary 
Designing the Brush-Type for treatment
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Thank you Indiefolio for this honour Hexcode2017 Showcase.
Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

Advertising Campaign for Mental Health Awareness


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