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    Collection of hand sketches and Photoshop rendering composites from 2012-2014
Ballpoint sketch with grayscale effects in Photoshop
Tape measure ballpoint sketch with grayscale effects in Photoshop
Foam Dart Gun concept sketches in Prismacolor Verithin Black with grayscale effects in Photoshop
Palm-shaver concept with flex feature ( Zebra F-701 pen )
Traditional Gas Grill concept form exercise with Photoshop effects ( Prismacolor Verithin Black )
Sensored Residential Sink concept with Dish-soap water corner for to save water during hand-washing 
Ergonomic Chef Knife sketch with idea of integrating a ceramic blade with a steel spine for reinforcement and flair
Fashionably acceptable LED glasses concept with subtle colors in Photoshop
The Lithium-powered Hovering Hatchback
... and to finish it off, Robots! ( PSA : Google is Skynet ) 
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