Real Estate Website
For a freelance project, I was tasked with redesigning a real estate company's website. Besides the usual challenges of UX/UI design (navigation flow, readability, ease of use, etc), I needed to make the new site mobile responsive and give it more imagery.
The home page of any website is crucial; In some cases, it's the first impression someone has of a company or product. I used minimalism, large imagery, and a definitive navigation to visually convey the company's mantra: quality, no-nonsense real estate.
A home page may give first impressions, but content is what keeps one on a website. A key component here is listings: Using a plugin to an MLS system, the site displays the company's current home listings and allows customers to search listings.
To provide a bit of information to potential home buyers, I put together a page with a list of attractions and neighborhoods in Rhode Island (the main state that the company focuses on).
Despite what some might say, there will always be a need for coding in the world of web design. Using the legendary Bootstrap framework as support, I tailored this site as a lean and clean digital foundation for the company to stand upon.
Why re-use code with unnecessary PHP or AJAX when one can use simple templates? Although it's applications are nearly limitless, I used Handlebars templating in this site to maintain a consistent navigation across all pages while making it editable from a single file.
The majority of the site can be updated using markdown, which allows the staff at the agency to update the site's basic content without the need for HTML knowledge.
As it is standard in today's world of web design, the entire site is fully responsive and scales to fit screens of any size.