Americanas Viagens

I had the opportunity to work with the design team at Fantasy to help reimagine one of Brazil's top travel websites. The primary focus of the redesign was to make it simple for prospective customers to find, book, and track travel and flight information. 
Navigational Elements

The design proposed created a consistency with the content and navigation providing some context for users to find the sections they need quickly. Custom icons (some created from scratch and some based on existing assets), were created to help provide a visual que as to section and page title and content.
Content Strategy

After inventorying all the airline pages, we reorganized screen content to help optimize the way users access the information they're looking for. Breaking up the heavy content areas with visual graphics, informational queues and styles made for an easier-to-digest layout.
The site featured a proprietary flight widget which was designed to display flight route and status information pertaining to the selecting airline. This provided users with the ability to easily interact with up-to-date flight status information (all information provided by FlightTracker).
Rich, bold visuals draw attention to the key areas of the site and highlights both location, pricing points and clear call to action elements. Each segment has been given a unique visual treatment, helping establish a look that's both consistent and easily differentiated.