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The Greenland Anomaly resembles a gold rectangular bar half embedded under the snow, and it is about 80-90 kilometers in length. It has sparked a number of online debates as to what this colossal "object" could be. But experts dismissed it as simply being a graphical artifact caused by satellite imaging. To this date, no one has ventured into the exact location of the object in order to verify if there's really anything there. Furthermore, the image of the object has been expunged clean from Google Earth as to this date, leaving no trace of it. If indeed it is a tangible object, it is unknown if it's part of a much larger megastructure hidden deep beneath the surface.

Just my own imaginatively-fanciful rendition of the mysterious object spotted deep in Greenland's ice plains via Google Earth. I find the topic quite Lovecraftian. I just felt like it warrants some creative storytelling to it. If you're curious as to what this thing is, here's a Google Earth screenshot of it below. It's a very old topic probably nearly 10 years back. So don't bother finding it in Google Earth as it has been removed since.