I had the pleasure to work with the talented folks at Fantasy on redesigning the visual structure of popular Brazilian travel and booking site, Submarino Viagens. With a focus on improving booking speed and simplicity, which was a primary goal for the travel giant. 
Let's Book

The homepage features intuitive navigation and search options, along with an interactive booking widget. The booking widget function is tailored both to users who know exactly where they want to go, and to users looking for inspiration, aided by a grid of beautiful imagery that couldn’t fail to inspire wanderlust.
From checking in, to planning flights, the most important user experience asset to the new Submarino website is the booking flow.
A collapsed version of the booking widget allows for users to complete most search tasks quicker, easier and without having to leave their current page, making it faster and easily responsive.
Taking In the Sights

A brief overview of location hot spots and culture help round out the experience, giving users more areas to explore. Customized category icons provide a visual guide to destination specific attractions and landmarks.
The Sky Is Not The Limit

Flights, hotels, cruises, packages, and more are all offered up as individual, customized content sections within the site, all while keeping the same theme and ease-of-use experience in mind.
Keeping You Informed

Providing users with itinerary options allows them to consider not only where they're going, but which destinations are included and the number of days spent at each port.

Unique Mobile Experience

In order to accommodate the growing number of users booking travel on mobile, we decided to do away with the typical RWD approach and created a unique mobile UX. By focusing on the booking engine, we were able to significantly increase the number of conversions vs. drop-offs on the site.