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Daily Animations vol. 1

Motion Graphics
Daily Animations - April 2017

I dedicated some time to learn a few new things and to sharpen skills in areas I've only dabbled in previously. In order to do that, I aimed to create one short animation every day. Although I missed a day here and there I'm still pretty happy with the outcome. Some of them are pretty weird (I know) but it was great fun to explore some new territory with total freedom.

My main tool for these was Cinema 4D but I also spent a lot of time in Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, 3D coat, Substance Designer & Painter, World Machine and Houdini. Everything was rendered out with Octane (mostly overnight) using two GTX 1080 cards.
No future for this Shoe Shop. This was one of my first attempts with substance designer. Most likely my personal favourite.
Shortly after visiting beautifull Yasawa Islands on Fiji I came up with this. The moving sculpture is made in Houdini.
World Machine is always fun
I loved Mortal Kombat as a kid. I guess I still do. This was made in Marvelous Designer. So fashion.
Substance designer and painter excercise with some Zbrush sculpting action.
When I discovered you can actually make soft body spline dynamics within Cinema 4D after many years. Celebration.
Marvelous Designer is primarily fashion design tool but it certainly has it's use in motion graphics. Multiple egg yolk on its adventure.
Raving around in Marvelous Designer.
Have you ever imagine how would it look like if clothes were used as screens? Maybe one day. Marvelous Designer.
A weird albino crocodile sculpted in Zbrush.
Some more marvelous designer action. The background wall is made in Substance Designer. 
I dont know if you've ever heard of Frank Walker but it's a guy behind ads for National tiles in Australia for like decades. Tiles done in Substance Designer.
Some more spline dynamics. this time slightly more advanced technique to make them twist.
A future art installation of mine.
Substance Designer floor. Dancing hose.
When you loose your marbles in the shower.
Some even more advanced spline dynamics that were actually made in Cinema 4D.
Daily Animations vol. 1

Daily Animations vol. 1

Serie of daily 3D animations exploring different tools and techniques.