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    The K model from Koronya Handmade Shoes and Boots, the only ready to wear product from a traditional bespoke workshop.
The K model
This shoe has been made the exact way and parameters what we use for our bespoke orders. All leather - even those part, what factories never mention: stiffeners, insole, heel layers. Even if it an old technology, thanks to the healthy glue: old fashioned paste, it absorb the sweat from the foot and let it breath. The upper is black french calf - one of the best quality leather available, the lining is a thick calf leather. With the right maintenance this shoe will serve its owner for several years. 
This shoe is entirely handmade, which is very rare among the ready to wear shoes. Lasting, welting, sole stitching, heel building, finishing - all made by hand, with old tools, without any machines.
The K modell is the only available ready to wear model from Koronya Handmade Shoes and Boots so far. It comes only this 5 eyelet straight toe cap oxford, and any color you want, as long you want black - just like the T model, which was the inspiration of this model. 
Did you know that the model has been designed Jozsef Galamb, who was also Hungarian, just like Koronya Shoes?