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Knorr Ballerina One
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Five Versions :  Sevnty Seven Iterations
Knorr Ballerina was part of a group of images that were made with a 72 hour time constraint. The goal was to produce works that would build form in an economical fashion, quick and simple. The visual contents were part of a pre-selected image set that included Chinese food packaging, a figure that was reminiscent of a Degas, some Asian calligraphy and a cartoon monkey. 

The lighting that happens to the figure is a direct result of integrating the text. I was wholly unexpected and transformed the ballerina’s presence into something reminiscent of a Degas. This re-energized the piece and instigated all of the changes that make up the final state of the work.

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Version One Iteration One

Version One Iteration Nineteen

Version One Iteration Thirty One

Version Four Iteration Three

Version Two Iteration Three

Version Two Iteration Seven

Version Three Iteration Four

Version Six (Recombined) Iteration Ten (Final)
Knorr Ballerina One