Summer in Lincoln Square - Digital Photography
Summer in Lincoln Square
Scenes from an amazing summer in one of Chicago's most beautiful neighborhoods.
All photos taken Summer 2012, in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL.
Farmer's Market at the Western brown line stop, rain clouds rolling in.
Farmer's Market by the Lincoln Square mural and maypole. The mural, by Lothar Sanchez-Speer, features historical and iconic buildings and landscapes of Germany.
Bird's-eye view of Farmer's Market from Western brown line platform.  The Lincoln-Square arch can be seen in the distance.
The Lincoln Square fountain and public square.  Don't ask how this angle was achieved.
El-tracks as seen from street level at the Rockwell stop on the brown line.  Another storm rolling in.
Lawrence and Rockwell, another rainstorm, and I am holding an umbrella over the camera on the corner of the street.  Don't mind me!
Corner of Eastwood and Lincoln.  A storm is brewing.  Are you beginning to notice a theme?
Portrait orientation of the el-tracks at ground level.  Danger is my middle name.
Local street prophet whom we nicknamed Nicodemus.  Here he is singing an original for us.
The storm has passed.
Typical back-alley/Ewok village.