The Coca-Cola Machine
The Coca-Cola Machine is a personal project we did in collaboration with Freaky Motion to motivate 2 ways of visualizing 1 concept. Red Cat Motion is specializing in 2D animation, and Freaky Motion is specializing in 3D Motion Design.

We are quite comfortable with the project. All the concept was done at Red Cat Motion. After the final 2D animation was released, we sent it to Freaky and challenged them to make it in 3D animation. The challenge was accepted and the final result freaks us out. 

Visual Concept: Leo DINH, Chau Long
Director: Leo DINH, Hoang Anh Nguyen
2D Animaton: Phuong Anh
Model: Nhung Nguyen
Texture: Duy Le, Nhung Nguyen
Motion Design/ Animation: Dat Nguyen, Beez Tran
Technical Dev/ Render: Duy Le

If you like, you can download some wallpapers for your desktop ;)
We did some extra concepts in 2,5D, but we decided to go with the other one.
The Coca-Cola Machine