Major Externality Crisis, 2017

Third year Product Design at Edinburgh College of Art this year hosted a week-long exhibition of robots, lamps, and chairs, in an exploration of the shape of things to come. It was the first exhibition by the Product Design department at this stage of the course for many years, and provided students with an opportunity to showcase their intimidating plethora of objects to the unremitting public, in a field evolving and modernising with such intense speed, both within the College's walls and in the wider sphere of product work.

The exhibition was constructed around the theme of destruction, particularly of our wasted iterations and prototypes; and as such, a component of the exhibition was the 'Grave of Countless Iterations'; a pile of the countless prototypes created, and then left behind in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Mistakes, failures and iterations; all ending up on the heap - their value shining bright for a brief moment during assessment and then, waning forever.

The exhibition also included the Formhacker performance by Joe Revans, a portable 3D Scanning station for exploring the legality of live-capture of objects and spaces within the public domain. Communicating with scientists and engaging with the unknown, our exhibition presents the reality of design projects with countless iterations, workshop failures and unexpected successes.

Opening Night & Drinks Reception: 5:00PM 24th April 2017.