Lascom. Laser technologies for glass

Lascom designs both equipment and laser technologies for glass processing. All together it completely changes the traditional perception of the qualities of this material. Lascom machinery and technologies are used and applied for architectural glazing, interiors, transport and other industries.

The manufacturing of equipment for heated glass production is the main focus of the company. Another direction Lascom is moving towards is laser cutting of hollow glass.

Lascom technologies are innovations in glass processing. They guarantee precision, high speed and ecologically friendly processing, which are superior to existing methods. Thus, the application of technologies provide rapid growth in efficiency, while broadening the limits of glass application.

The sign is based on the image of a coherent radiation flow converted by the laser from the energy of light. The graphic structure of the logo allows to use it as a base element for building any images, icons or patterns.

Art Director, Designer: Maxim Yakovlev
Machine vizualisation: Alex Mihel
CGI: Maxim Kadashov