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    Packaging designs for Synnøve Finden
 Packaging design for Synnøve Finden. Synøve Finden makes regular yellow cheese, brown cheese and butter. 
The "Mild brunost" is brown cheese that is very light in colour. The goal was to clearly separate it from the very traditional "brown cheese design-look" you would find in Norway. Youths don't buy brown cheese anymore, so it was necessary to make the design more modern and to stand out from traditional Norwegian brown cheese. 
The Synnøve Finden yellow cheese has several varieties. It has the circle as the focal point where the majority of information is gathered. The circle gives association to cheese and makes a clear identity for Synnøves yellow cheese products. It gives a uniform look in the shelf. 
"Meierismør" is genuine butter with Maldon salt.