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Alien: Covenant - "The Last Supper"


Alien: Covenant follows a group of 14 colonists and their android, Walter, who travel to a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy to form a human settlement. We were tasked with introducing these new characters to audiences before the events of the movie. We created a 5-minute prologue film that shows the crew gathering for a final meal before entering cryosleep—a mirrored homage to the original film's dinner scene.

One my favorite things about this franchise has always been the characters: ordinary people caught up in terrifying circumstances trying to survive as best they can. Just like the space truckers of the original film. They are you and me. This project was an opportunity to introduce 15 such characters to the world and help audiences develop a relationship with them before they became monster food.

"You don't see stuff like this three months before a movie is released...this is required viewing."

"So good that my faith in this movie is currently at dangerously high levels."

"This is such an awesome way to introduce everyone to these new characters in this's kind of eerie how good this is." 
—First Showing

"A stunning glimpse at the titular ship's crew."

"If there is one thing this prologue conveys, it's that the franchise is making a hard turn toward its roots."
—Popular Mechanics

"A move pretty much unprecedented for films of this size and with this level of anticipation attached to them..."
—Film School Rejects


Directed by: Luke Scott
Produced by: 3AM & RSA Films
Creative Director: Chris Eyerman
Concept: Chris Eyerman, Will Melton
Writer: Will Melton, Luke Scott
Producer: Hannah Ireland
Producer: Ashley Hsieh
DP: Ross Emery
Editor, Wild Card: Nick Temple
MP, 3AM: Alison Temple
President, RSA Films: Jules Daly
Visual Effects Superviser: Charley Henley
Senior Creative, 3AM: Kelly Girth
Integrated Strategy, 3AM: Tiffany Duersch
Alien: Covenant - "The Last Supper"

Alien: Covenant - "The Last Supper"

A short film for Alien: Covenant, introducing the crew as they gather for a final meal before entering cryosleep.