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    #respect in a relationship is a Friends for Friends Foundation and Avon Romania project made to create awareness in teenager relationship abuse
A project meant to raise awareness of domestic violence in teenager couples. It aims to teach young people about the importance of respect in relationships. The campaign took place in highschools from major cities in Romania.

Client: Friends for Friends Foundation
Agency: Friends\TBWA
​​​​​​​Art Director: Cristina Cazacu
Illustrator: Livia Fălcaru
Copywriter: Teodor Chiripuci
Foundation godesses: Karin Budrugeac, Beatrice Weber
Many thanks to Avon Cosmetics Romania

Project naming and branding
Visual identity
Launch and awareness brochure
You can see and read the full In a relationship brochure here
Outdoor advertising 
 (placed near highschools)
The abusive banner campaign: 
Because banners are inherently annoying, we chose the most obnoxious formats
to send an abusive message to teenagers: 

 - Why are you looking at other banners?
 - Why are you surfing the net, when you said you were busy?
 - Are you thinking about your former banners? 

The teenagers were then redirected to a landing page, full of campaign research and stats.
The abusive landing page
And finally Cristina & Livia being awesome at an "In a Relationship" workshop for teenagers held in Bucharest at Fundatia Friends for Friends
Least but not least