Comics about black cat for the on-line comics shop JUK
Now we live with the crazy black cat. His name is Juk. 
He is a symbol of our internet comics shop "JUK"​​​​​​​
He really inspires me. Every day something new from him. ​​​​​​​
Early morning. 
He usually move like a small shark around our bad... to say loudy "Meeeowww!"
He always wants to take part in everything. 
He have active position in life...
Juk loves to have fun. In this year we have outstanding snowing spring. It's a good possibility for him to make amazing snowcat)))
He is a real hunter...
All must have own cosy home. Juk knows about it very well!
JuK loves ballet. Especially, because of shoes
Juk loves get up early, wake up everybody and continue to sleep ahead...
Juk saves his own space carefully.
Juk loves my winter boots very much!
Juk usually decatate Christmas tree by himself
Juk always wait a visit of Santa :)
Juk knows how to save comics from burglars. 
He has special garb for that...