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How to Optimize for RankBrain
Since Google has unveiled in 2015 that it uses RankBrain to process search results and suggesting related results to users, individuals and companies were wanting to optimize their content for RankBrain. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system based on algorithmic learning. RankBrain plays a crucial role in Google's processing of search results and in bringing associated results on display. RankBrain is considered to be a top ranking factor, a feature which has driven many to learn how to optimize for it.

Online marketers have come to think that it is difficult for them to optimize on RankBrain. However, optimization on RankBrain is justly difficult, it is not impossible, according to SEO experts. It is undoubtedly true that the most important thing that counts in SEO is the quality of the content involved, and that RankBrain enhances the significance of that good quality content. Technically speaking, RankBrain is not a ranking feature that online marketers can deduce on their lists.

As RankBrain has been here for a year now, the SEO community has gained some experience of how to work with Google's novel feature which required a slight change in the marketers thinking. Here is a list of things SEO community should do to optimize for RankBrain:
Come up with attractive and brief pieces
One way to optimize for this new feature of Google is to get with brief and tempting pieces of information or news, which can help to expedite the number of clicks and to rank high on RankBrain score. It is not the content length or keyword usage; it is the click-through rates that will define the future of SEO. In case this rate is not high, it is better to enhance the quality of SEO content rather than its size. The content should carry an enticing title and consumer-oriented details, leaving the user with an impression to hit the click button.
Emulate the successful
SEO experts advise that it is always helpful to imitate the domains having a higher optimization for Google. In this way, new marketers can ensure the optimization of their content. Google always places famous sites on and near the top of the searchable index, thus if you model your content along the lines of one of such reputed site, the chances of optimization increase. On the contrary, if you model your site along the lines of a notorious or a malfunctioned site, the chances for optimization vanish.
Reconfigure the content and keyword relation
The idea of keywords role in optimization has changed drastically over the time, and with the advent of RankBrain, the keywords approach has lost its vigor and appeal. The earlier approach to keywords needs rethinking, and only a new way to understand the relation between content and keywords can ensure an effective SEO in RankBrain. The earlier approach of single keyword or phrase should be avoided. Instead of just keywords, other related words and phrases having similar connotations should be used to maximize the overall effect. Digital marketing experts are of the view that Google while displaying search results relies more on concepts than on keywords. Thus the world of RankBrain calls for shunning the established obsession with keywords.
With the onset of RankBrain, the whole idea of SEO has changed and requires a change of mind on the part of digital marketers to cope up with this new arrangement.