Dynamic Ad Campaign
Animals vs IT
The following is a strategic Ad Campaign for an IT company in Qatar. The idea behind the visuals is using national animals to relate to the qualities and services of the company.

The following six visuals were the original execution of the concept. The first three being the first tier of the campaign and the later three as the second tier. However due to clients request the style was to be changed.
The following visuals is the final execution style for the campaign, still keeping with the concept of animals, however staying away from the use of triangles. The animals were then created with only lines as an almost fibre optics style to show depth and dimension.

The first two visuals represent the first tier of the campaign, the two visuals after that presents the full animals (rather than a close up view seen in the first tier) to demonstrate the second tier of the campaign. The third tier then contains other visuals than animals, showing the diversity of the campaign and the services of the company. And lastly a series of typographic routes were created to allow bilingual messages to be presented during the later stages of the campaign.