Anxiety Eggs
This grew from the idea of depression as suffocating and only semi-permeable, much like an eggshell. 
Social Interaction in the Workplace
The ocean waves grew out of the idea of the 'water cooler' conversation which is an unspoken ritual for workplace bonding; anxiety can magnify the potential social pitfalls of leaving the safe nest of solitary work at a cubicle and attempting to find common ground with new workmates.
Crazy Bitch
There is a heavy stigma around mental illness, and people who suffer from it often endure name-calling and bullying from those who don't understand it. It can feel like a brand on the skin, a shout permanently echoing in the ears.
This is a story in which instead of postpartum depression, a woman suffered aggravated OCD and anxiety after the birth of her child.
A condition in which the sufferer compulsively plucks out their own hair.
The story of someone coping with the untimely death of a parent.
The person discussed the issue of maintaining a seemingly functional life while struggling against chronic anxiety and depression.
Contamination OCD
It's not about germophobia or the fear of being ill - it's about stopping the fear and feeling in control.