This is Cardamom; the Android App that lets you send vCard from your device to any other Phone through SMS. Seems pretty simple but once you use an Android device you will know how messed up it is to handle vCards. Our Company CloveFX was named after a widely used spice, the app name Cardamom was pretty apt since it was another spice name and the app is about vCards.
Following are the Identity, Branding, UI Design and  Promotional Designs I did for our very own 1st Android App Cardamom.
The Logo
This is the Logo and the Color Scheme for Cardamom; lovely green with a touch of nature
App Screens
Here's the lovely green splash screen..
And the home screen...
This screen happens when you want to send a vCard to a contact.
Once more the lovely green, in the credits page
Promotional Designs
The banner made for Cardamom on Google Play
Promotional Poster #1
Promotional Poster #2
Promotional Poster #3
App Icon
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