Development on my website has taken over a year's worth of work to get it to the proper, refurbished state that it has currently reached. Although it was not my first personal website, it was the first website domain I had actually owned.
The basis of the website, especially the homepage, took inspiration from my old website. I decided to go with a more contemporary design however; I  figured material design would be a good style guide to base the user interface off of, as it was easy to make it very fluid and dynamic. The color palette also follows that same suit, primarily consisting of very dark grays, and a vibrant,  bold yet soft red.
After designing the homepage of my website, I went on to create the portfolio and pricing pages, along with the blog page in the same design. The back of my business cards reflects my old website design, while the front is based off of my current one.
When it came to creating the logo, I decided to stick with my pre-existing logo, the iconic Z and hourglass, but refurbish it with a new color scheme, following the same palette as the website.
Check out the website here!
Zero Development