The Disloyal 7


Even though Edinburgh, Scotland, is not a big city, it has one of the most distinctive and best coffee scenes in Europe. In 2016, seven independent coffee shop owners gathered together to discuss a possibility to promote the unique scene together. That is how The Disloyal 7 came to live.

The idea is simple. Instead of being loyal to a single cafe, a customer needs to visit all seven locations included in the card to receive a free coffee at the end of the tour.

The card

I was approached by the cafe owners to design a simple card for The Disloyal 7. The idea for the logo was to combine a tamper and a portafilter with number 7. To emphasize seven different businesses involved in the card, and to make it stand out from other loyalty cards, we decided to make it heptagonal.
The idea turned out to be successful, as each shop got lots of attention among regular customers and increase of new customers visiting the seven shops included on the card. The Disloyal 7 was widely discussed within coffee community as being a great example of how cooperation may be more beneficial than a standard business model.