// The Pressure presents -- LOOSE: A Dance Party / Collaborative Project
"On August 8, 2015 The Pressure threw a dance party at the White Owl Social Club in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We filmed the dancers from 11: Dance Co with our friends Ryan J Bush, Will Walle and Scott Uyeda, and used that footage to create large-scale projected graphics that would evolve and become more "loose" over the course of the evening. With live visual manipulation by our friend Chad Ponticas, and help creating a 60' x 30' projection with our bud Zack Dougherty, this evening was a multimedia experiment disguised as a dance party disguised as an experiment. Fun was had, and we're excited for the next one."
- The Pressure

Recap shot by Robert Woodward and edited by The Pressure. 
Projected dance content performed by 11: Dance Co and directed by Ryan J Bush and Adam R Garcia. 
Director of Photography: Will Walle
Gaffer: Scott Uyeda
Stylist: Adi Beil
Photography: Taylor Painter


Still frames

Below are a collection of screen caps from the original Syphon recording towards the end of the night, when we pushed the imagery towards being more abstract. The Pressure and I experimented with displacement mapping and mirroring footage in studio, then locked settings into a Resolume session ahead of the show. Every effect and video loop was midi mapped to an Akai APC40 and LPD8 for live performance throughout the night. As the sets progressed we ramped up the distortion, warping, and ghosting of the dancers. Starting with clean 4k footage, and ending the set with pre-rendered loops that had been stretched and degraded. 
- Chad