Take a minute to think about this:

What makes some people so passionate about cars, to the point they are willing to spend hundreds of millions just for just 4-wheeled machines that go from point A to point B?
(Hold this thought in mind)

Back to the question from the beginning...

From my point of view part of the answer has to be with a quote from a famous car designer from BMW and speaker, Chris Bangle, who express that "cars are an expansion of ourselves, they take our thoughts, our ideas, our emotions and they multiply it". In the same order of ideas he also express that "cars" without emotions are just "automobiles", so  a "car" must be composed of three elements: environment, mobility and Personality (an automobile just lack of this last one) as he expresses in his Ted Talks.

But  to be concrete, there is something inside cars, some kind of soul that can reflect what we project into them (as we are natural human beings who tend to project ourselves into others), so including this human value inside is when we're able to see our emotions projected into the car.​​​​​​​

About the mood-board:

Imagine for a second that you are back in the 60's, driving an Alfa Romeo Spider with your gorgeous girlfriend to one of Italy's most beautiful beaches in Costa di Amalfi. when you are arriving you can start to feel the fresh air when you breathe,  and when you finally getting close to the coast you can see how some small boats start to fill your view of the beach.
Later you decide to go fishing into one of these boats and share some time together and inside some of what you've caught you can see a cuttlefish, that you decide to liberate after being amused of how its colors changed. After that,  resting some time you both can feel how the  waves from the Mediterranean sea gently waft the boat while drinking some wine (because why not?) and between all the things you can have in a train of thought you remember from an ancient geek class the story of Poseidon (God of the seas) Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) and the Nymph of Slamacis ( that somehow is a representation of duality, or "duetto"). Spending time with your girlfriend you can notice how much you are in love with her, eyes, her hair swinging with the air.

At the end of the day, you pick up all your things and decide to go back home once again taking the same road from where you came, accelerating in your small convertible alfa before the sun goes down, and while you can watch the sunset over the coast full of sailboats you can't help to think something like "I wish I could take all of this experience back home and have it everyday".

Coming back to real life, it's been said that when you buy a car, your'e buying a story, created by designers and built by a team of automotive engineers, and you're not just paying for a 4-wheeled object to go from point A to point B, but you're paying for  all what it means, all the story that lays behind it and all the emotions that you can create with it. 
So, following the moodboard's train of thought, I'll let the next sketches express all the emotions that they represent.

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