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    Duration: 3’12’’ Image: 16:9 widescreen Format: H.264, dvd-PAL Genre: music video Year of Production: 2010 © 2010 tasman & Polina Zioga
Duration: 3'12''
Image: 16:9 widescreen
Format: H.264, dvd-PAL
Genre: music video
Country of Production: Greece
Year of Production: 2010

Director / Producer: Polina Zioga
Music: tasman

© 2010 Polina Zioga & tasman
The Official Music Video for "solace" from the album "tasman-solace" (Undo Records/EMI).
“tasman-solace” is an experimental music video, an audio-visual journey within imaginary landscapes. Shades dark, melancholic and sometimes optimistic, are being alternated with emotions of rage, solace and hope, an allegory of childhood and the love-trauma relationships. For the production, artificial sceneries, landscape-models and animation were used.

The video has been screened at:
- “Oslo Screen Festival 2014” (Oslo, Norway, 2014).
- "Time is Love.6" international video-art program: TEA Museum (Tenerife, Spain, 2013), Contemporary Hotel Bloom! (Brussels, Belgium, 2013), STIFTELSEN 3,14 International Contemporary Art Foundation (Bergen, Norway, 2013), KULTER. Gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013), Peanut Underground Art Projects (New York City, USA, 2013), Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts (Teheran, Iran, 2013), Mori+Stein Gallery (London, UK, 2013).
- "8th Naoussa International Film Festival"(Naoussa, Greece, 2011).
- "ProjectOroom - Short Night II" (London,UK, 2010).
- “International Film Festival of Patras City - 12th International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers” (Patras City,Greece, 2010).
- "2nd Moving Frames Festival" (Mytilene,Greece, 2010).
- "Video Art Festival Miden", sixth edition(Kalamata, Greece, 2010).