Live like a WoMo
DESALL contest

WoMo, famous brand of the Percassi group, relies on the community for the creation of a new collection of gifts for men dedicated to lifestyle, in line with the unique and unmistakable style of the brand.

A desk set featured by essential and modern lines that reflects the essence of Womo style. 
The use of materials such as solid wood combined with steel satin give at the set a very premium look. Functionality and value are the main properties' of this desk set.

The Womo Desk consists by 7 elements, 5 element are modular and stackable, 2 elements are pads, one for the desk and one for the mouse.
Each element is composed by a base in brushed steel and a wooden frame mahogany colored.
To give belonging and coherence at the project, in each element is present the pictogram engraved on wood and Womo’s logo engraved in the steel.
The result is a modern and high-quality elegant desk set that recalls the unmistakable style Womo.