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    Summer Arts Festival 2011
Summer Arts Festival 2011

We love summer and we love festivals, so this summer we bring the cream of the festival crop straight to your living room as Sky Arts does Summer Festivals!

Within Nuke's 3D environment; tents, flags, shadows and skies were built and textured using 3D geometry and cards. This was done in order to complete all the shots in stereo, as the live action green screen plates were captured in 3D using an Arri Digital ALEXA stereo rig.

Each setting was treated with a distinct look and feel, depicting a different time of day, location and mood.

Numerous versions of the commercial were created (for the many Summer Festivals), we required a set-up which allowed us to make changes quickly and interactively. Replacing logos, re-positioning the many background 3D geometry elements and 'inside' tent shadow positions.
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