Here Pharmacy private label

Hey, I don't need the branding,
I needed a plaster!

Challenge: To develop the identity and design for «Zdes Apteka» brand’s own product line. To create a simple, easy to remember style, to emphasize the availability of the product for an ordinary person.

Solution: When a person comes into the pharmacy he isn’t looking for a packaging design, he needs help and wants to solve his problem quickly. He thinks this way: «Hey, I don't need the branding, I needed a plaster!»

The modular idea of naming reflects the pharmacy name and product names. We communicate with the customer in each package, telling him what the product is like and what it is used for. Concise design and intelligible in formation create simple and memorable image. What is more, we have managed to bring emotions, show our kindness and emphasize the care for the customer. Communication doesn’t exaggerate; it conveys the exact value of the offer that the buyer gets. Everything is fair and humanly distinct, without any complications. Need help? Come in! Here are eye drops, here is thermometer, and here - sea ​​buckthorn oil. Oh, a patch? Here it is as well!

«Zdes Apteka» in Russian literally means «Here is Pharmacy»

— Here is hawthorn for tough heart
— Here is blueberries forte for sharp sight
— Here is fish oil for sturdy health
— Here is anti-dandruff shampoo for all hair types
— Here is shampoo 2in1 for hair and body
— Here is herbal shampoo for shine and hair toughness
— Here is active care shampoo for active men

— Here is shower gel-cream for gentle skin
— Here is shower gel-scrub for body massage
— Here is 2in1 gel-cream for body and hair

— Here is tooth paste for friendly family

— Here is thermometer for full control

— Here are cotton buds 
— Here are cotton discs for gentle care
— Here are wet wipes for life with no black stripes

— Here is clean drinking water for your health

— Here are classic condoms for reliable relations

Here Pharmacy private label

Here Pharmacy private label

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