How Can Efficient Packaging Improve Your Bottom Line
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How Can Efficient Packaging Improve Your Bottom Line?
Every packaging designer, brand manager, or plant manager's primary focus is safe and efficient packaging and their bottom line. Packaging directly impacts many aspects of your business. The growth, and revenue, of your business as well as reducing costs can be tied directly to the way your products are packaged and shipped. How effectively their execution is, remains paramount to your business.
Efficiency is the key here as it can either make or break your business. So, what specifics should you consider when packaging? Here are seven ways efficient packaging can improve your bottom line. 
Smaller Packaging

Over time, flexible packaging has become more effective. With the developments in polyolefin materials, it has become possible to dye, cut, and design smaller or more flexible packaging that stands the test of time and even performs better than both corrugated and glass packaging. It is also environmental-friendly. Cardboard boxes can also work perfectly here. Cardboard boxes can significantly reduce your freight costs as they are lighter in weight with a smaller footprint. 
Last Minute Decisions Should be Eliminated 

One mistake commonly made by most businesses is leaving packaging decisions until the end of production. It is paramount to keep your packaging plans front-of-mind. Begin with an itemized list consisting of design requirements, and initiate them at the start of the life of your product. Closely consider how much packaging cost, the amount of shelf space you will need, and space you can afford if it is in-house production.
Review, Maintain and Upgrade your Equipment

Sometimes the issue with product packaging lies with the business. It may mean altering your budget or making a capital investment for packaging machinery. Doing this can result in cost reduction in other areas, such as labor and product damage. The benefits here will come over time.
Implement Efficient Packaging Techniques

It is recommended that businesses trying to cut down costs or run facilities that are more efficient, reviewing packaging and the entire process is an excellent way to start with many ways required to achieve improved efficiency quicker. Besides saving money on packaging, remember to also ensure you are getting the type of product protection you need.
Pay Attention to Data for Future Savings

Anticipating and studying price changes in packing elements, like card-stock and polyolefin cost is of great importance, as prices fluctuate from month-to-month. Look for a supplier you can trust and work with them knowing they will keep out an eye on things like these so that you do not have to. This is crucial for gaining or understanding where your packaging costs will be bleeding. It can also help in identifying the cause of the damage and provide a faster remedy.
Label Printing 

This is a renowned option for any business hoping to redesign their products retroactively and cut down costs. Removing stick-on labels and printing labels directly on the package cuts down the costs for the process. It saves costs and significantly cuts down your production time.
Down-gauge in Distribution

Plastics that offer flexibility like stretch film can give you the type of maneuverability needed to securely transport a large number of products, while also maintaining the packaging's structural integrity as well as the products inside it. The lighter gauges of stretch can handle more load than in past years, and they offer greater cost reduction along with the ability to run quicker on automated pallet-wrappers.