Office Space
3D recreation of my office space
From time to time I find myself wondering how to fill in the spare 2 mins I get between projects and I always seem to turn to the objects around me. So in various parts of my 3D career I model my office space. This is good for several reasons. It keeps me on my toes when it comes to modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering. Plus it is also a nice handy way to build up a large library of objects, for future use. Well this was my office space from 2011. I created it in Maxon's cinema4d, moi3d, photoshop, freehand and rendered it with Maxwell. I decided to post some wip shots and clay renders along side the final renders just to show the project in a naked state. Hope you enjoy looking through the images.
 Scroll to the bottom to see the final render.
Final render of the Office scene