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One of the worst bathroom experiences is going to shower only to deep your feet in stagnant water that someone else already took a bath in. This is a problem that can be easily solved as it only means that your drainage system is not working properly. But before concluding that your drainage is the issue, you should check to see if your bathroom floor is well slanted in a way that water flows easily towards the drain. This is often the issue especially in newly build or renovated houses. If the bathroom water is often just pooling around the drain, ensure that there are no objects that are clogging it. And if the issue is the drain itself, you could try a square or linear drain.
Mould is typically feeble in its early stages, and it can hardly withstand pulling or pushing. Installing a bathroom fan will ensure that the growth rhythm of the mould is interrupted, thus making its growth hard. The fan will also suck excess moisture that may be present in your bathroom thereby removing any possibility of pockets of mould from forming.
If your walls are not tiled and you do not use faux stone panels, you will want to ensure that they are protected from water. Applying the essential primer to the bathroom walls is required as it is inevitable that water will absorb into your walls. The most important thing you can do to ensure that our bathroom has water resistant walls is to apply the proper primer. Having faux stone panels installed will also go a long way to preventing mould as they are highly resistant to staining, discoloration and moisture.

If your home bathroom already has these fungi, then you have to act fast so as to prevent its spread much further. In most major markets or cleaning stores, you can easily find mould cleaners who are experienced in cleaning and removing mould from homes. You can also mix your own concoction by mixing one-part bleach and three parts of water. Once your mixture is ready, you can use a brush to apply it and scrub until all mould has been removed. You can use a rag to later wipe away the cleaner.