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    Wall of inspiration in Spikes Asia 2012.
Spikes Asia 2012 // Wall of Inspiration
A penny for your thoughts
Created by Boon Tan and Pang Xuecong, this piece of work in meant to inspire creativity in its audiences. With Eugene Cheong as an inspiration, the brief was to create a wall of inspiration based on his quote, "Don't be afraid to be wonderful". Participation is the emerging concept, inviting the audience to be a part of the work process.

It is generally know that artworks exhibited in galleries are not supposed to be touched. by challenging this behaviour, the audience is encouraged to not to be afraid of touching the work and to be part of the process. The message behind the work will slowly unveil as the audience removes the coins from the wall. The one and five cents coins chosen as the medium for this project represents the small ideas that could not make it as a big idea, just like how one cent coins are usually unwanted by people. However, they often do not realise that even the smallest idea had the potential to be a big idea.

Special thanks to Eugene Cheong, Tay Guan Hin and Cris Prystay.