Love letters. Nostalgic and whimsical, simple and heartfelt. They reflect not only the love, but also the lover. They reveal us to ourselves in ways we can’t predict, or even control.

In order to learn more about each other, employees at Redscout wrote a letter to the things, places and ideas that move us. Sure, we love our kids and our boyfriends, but how often do we acknowledge our affection for the color grey or the Lake Champlain monster?

These letters provide a weird and wonderful insight into the diversity of passions that fuel and inspire us. From fortune cookies, rainy days, and defunct uptown eateries, via the 1970 Brazilian football squad and death metal, to a lifelong relationship with a rock.

We teamed up with Redscout to hand letter some of these love statements and compile them into a book of beautifully photographs of letters.

All photos courtesy of Redscout
Lettering and Illustration: Erick Ortega, Maria Paz Vélez, Víctor Gónzalez
Art Direction:  Daniel Arenas - Marshall Woodward