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Hey there.

My name is Giovanni, and I am a Glasgow-based Graphic & Web Designer  / Creative Dude with more than eighteen years of experience in the field.

I work with the Adobe Creative Suite and a plethora of other software and I have a strong understanding of brandingvisual language and the creative process (also, I know how to use the word "plethora").

I can boast about an incredibly diverse experience background, having worked in different countries and for different kind of clients, both as a freelancer and employee for small and big companies.

Check some examples of my work below.

(Or don't. I'm a graphic designer, not a cop.)
Logo Design
I explain the creative process behind the naming and logo design I have undertaken of piqo, an international web startup. 
I have designed the logo for Gaudio Pub, a refined wine pub in the north of Italy.
I have redesigned the logo for a political party in Palmi, Italy.
I have designed logo and icon for a Glasgow based charity.
Digital Illustration
Pro Wrestling Illustration  - Illustrator
Pro Wrestling Illustration  - Illustrator
Burger! - Illustrator
Jaws - Illustrator
Dodgy Blue Rider Dude - llustrator.
Steven Wilson's "To the Bone" - Illustrator
Old Man Corleone - Illustrator
"Fire in the hole!" Overwatch Character - Illustrator
Migraine Transcendence - Illustrator
Thick Lines Aliens - Illustrator
Consumer - designed for Fooz! - Illustrator
Farmer - designed for Fooz! - Illustrator
Pancakes - Illustrator
"Music connects people" - Sketchup | KeyShot | Photoshop
BBC's Good Food - Sketchup | KeyShot | Illustrator
Concept & Advertising
I have designed a postcard to advertise the healthy eating promoted by Wholefoods
My entry for the competition "Energy for all". Its aim is to bring affordable energy in war-torn countries
A quick concept about a festival in Lochness, Scotland.
Web Design - Wordpress - Wordpress - Wordpress - Wordpress
Motion Graphic Design / Video Editing
I have designed the logo and a brief introduction video for Toys From Mars, an Italian company that imports and sells Japanese action figures.
Initiative video for the Adjacent Possible
Portfolio | Giovanni Garreffa


Portfolio | Giovanni Garreffa