Maxim Sharov is  Russian bags and leather accessories designer. He owns a workshop and showroom
in Moscow for more than 10 years. Maxim used to  work with  the leather coming  from the local Russian manufactures, carefully saving and accentuating natural imperfections and original texture. Additional 
treatments —washing, forming, dyeing, crumpling of leather give bag a touch of aging. It looks like it has been worn and loved for the long time. Leather accessories made by Maxim Sharov get on in years beautifully and 
get a vintage charm and impress of the owner's personality.

Maxim Sharov is a brand of leather accessories. Filled with stones and sunk to the bottom of the river, buried in the ground or frozen in the ice, Maxim Sharov's bags are the intersection of an accessory with contemporary art. Insight-unique story in your hand.

Maxim Sharov