• Amateur-ness

    This was my first interactive website, built when I was 18. It certainly looked and behaved like a first website, I know. I knew how to program but did not know what to do with the random skill I picked up. I did surf a lot of random art communities back then though and figured I should make my own.

    I blurred out all personal info. Enjoy knowing this is what I built long ago. The office got a good laugh.
  • The front page. I didn't know how to make real thumbnails back then so the images were kind of squished and blurry.
  • The dropdown navigation would bring you to a lovely page like this.
  • After clicking on the name of your work, you could finally see a thumbnail.
  • I never ended up finishing learning graphics. It would seem that was the best outcome for everyone.
  • Profiles had so much to offer the artists ;)
  • So what do you guys think? Would you rather be on Behance, or my first network? I think I'll stick with Behance. Thank God I'm not the designer.